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Give your team the only tool they need to perform at their best!

Nural is a Team Management platform designed for non-technical teams who are new to using project management software.

You now have To-Do Lists, Reminders, Notes, Project Management and Private Threads at your fingertips.

Nural allows your team to stay focused on the task at hand

It’s been scientifically proven that the human brain can't focus on more than three tasks at any point in time! Nural only shows you the three most important tasks to narrow your team’s focus on what they should complete in the here and now. Whenever your team’s priority changes, the order of the tasks will change as well.

Never miss an appointment, meeting, or deadline again!

Have you ever accidentally missed a deadline, forgotten about a scheduled appointment, or stood someone up for a meeting whether in person or online? That won't happen again! Nural will show you what's what's on your to-do list today, what may be coming, or what is now overdue to give you a simple overview of your schedule.

Improve team communication by quickly responding by using personalized messages and private threads

Nural allows us to quickly respond to messages from team members with personalized messages with just a tap! Also, the use of private threads allows your team to communicate with one another without creating distracting notifications that disrupt productivity.

What people are saying about Nural

"Nural allow us to solve several pain points that our team repeatedly experiences, allowing us to complete new projects with less friction, and achieve our goals no matter their importance. Since signing up, the team has already achieved more than I ever imagined in a fraction of the time we thought it would take us to do so."

Take Nural wherever you go...

It's your smart personal assistant.


Intelligent Priority

Stay focused on the most important things that you need to complete today.

Priority Status

Quickly prioritize each task assigned to you.

Add Members

Create and complete tasks and notes with the help of team members

Rearrange Items

Organize all your ideas and checklists in one place.

Use Tags

Use tags to organize and share information with team members.

Top of Mind

Pin important notes or messages where you can see them.

Set Start Date

Get a reminder! Never miss a start date, checkpoint, deadline, or meeting again.

Manage Teams

Complete large projects with the help of many organized teams.

Track Your Progress

Stay motivated as you complete a task

or finish a project.

Prioritize Your Progress

Prioritize the completion of reminders,

subtasks, and tasks.

Subtasks Progress

Visually and simply track your completion of subtasks.

Send Message

Send important messages to team members and others in your network.

Send Quick Replies

Save time when sending messages by using the quick reply tool.

Automatic Text Layout

Nural’s text layout tool will take your notes and messages to the next level.

Change Text Style

Add a style to your text with just one tap to save time.

Upload Media

Add photos, videos, voice notes and more.