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iOS 11.0+

Download Nural App on the App Store

macOS Catalina 10.15+

Nural is a team management platform designed for inexperienced team members or new to project management tools and software.

Remote Work 🧑🏻‍💻👩‍💻... The future is here!

Take Nural wherever you go...

It's your smart personal assistant

Whenever you need it...

The future of Team Management is

Flexible ... Remote ... Asynchronous!

Nural offers many solutions to the challenges that teams face frequently, allowing them to complete new projects with fewer obstacles, and to achieve goals regardless of the diversity of their priority.

Being a time-keeper is

a big commitment...

It gets easier and direct

with Nural's Automated Schedule.

Ask for help or questions with

your teammates directly and

get response instantly!

Send voice notes / Images 

Nural helps teams overcome challenges in planning and making decisions, so that everyone can focus on achieving common goals.

Unify work teams, projects,

tasks, notes and messages

in one place.

Create teams to organize projects and delegate colleagues to joint tasks, notes and messages.

Organizing work on joint projects as lists of initiatives, meetings and programs.

Break down the work into parts so that can be managed easily with the team.

Receive messages focused on one topic from the team members.

Send direct messages in an interactive way with colleagues on the team to ask questions and get help at the same moment.

The future of Team Management is Nural

Save time when sending replies to common messages with the Quick Reply tool.

Stay focused on the most important tasks you must complete today.

Know the importance of each task assigned quickly.

Keep enthusiasm while working on completing tasks or completing a project.

Use ready-made text styles to clarify notes and keep them organized.

Focus on brainstorming using ready-made text formats.

Break the task down into smaller parts, or list additional steps to guide complete the task.

Assign tasks to a team member, so that everyone knows who is responsible.

Add start date to know when to start work and to meet deadlines without last minute scrambling.

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Do you want to take full advantage of Nural? Upgrade to Premium, Business, or Enterprise subscription plans to get exclusive features starting from $9.99 / month to $999.99 / year.

+ Add start date.

+ Change task priority.

+ Change task updates.

+ Show deleted items.

+ See the progress of completed tasks.

+ See the progress of low, medium and high priority tasks.

+ Pin notes / messages on top.

+ Create unlimited notes.

+ Rearrange paragraphs in notes.

+ Upload and add photos to notes.

+ Add scribbles to notes.

and more...


Can I use Nural for free?

Do I need to upgrade everyone in my team?

How do I pay for Pro?

Yes! The free version of Nural includes unlimited number of tasks, projects, and notes.

No. Simply upgrade your workspace. Workspace members will share all premium features.

You can upgrade through our iOS and macOS apps. Alternatively, you can use PayPal through our website.

Do I get free updates?

Will the subscription automatically renew?

I love Nural! How can I help?

Yes! We constantly improve Nural and you will receive updates automatically.

Both the monthly and the annual subscriptions are auto-renewing.

We love you too! You can help by sharing the love on social media and upgrading to subscription plan