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✅ Change the way you see your “to do list” and “calendar”

Why our to-do list is failing us?

There is almost no perfect way to present our work; Most of us try to change the view of presentation continuously! We feel there’s something not right about it. We all agree it ain’t enough.

You can write very simple to-do like this:

Go ahead and cross every one of them… Someday, you’ll find yourself so confused and wish you have more info… You may wish to highlight the important due dates and never miss a deadline, a meeting, or an appointment. How about the moments you need to see what you should do now? When you should have a meeting today? Probably you need to hire full-time assistant, right!

It doesn’t matter whether you are managing or being managed by someone, you have a schedule and something to do; You need an assistant.

In Nural, we’re leading a mission to let you perform at your best by offering a personal assistant that you can take wherever you go. Tasks in Nural app are automated to help you focus on getting your work done.

What is a Task in Project Management?

A task is a single unit of work — an action to accomplish in a project, a single step in a multi-step project. A task is accomplished by a set deadline, and must contribute toward work-related objectives. Just as project management is the coordination of individual tasks, a task can be broken down further into subtasks, which should also have clear start and end dates for completion.

Knowing the meaning of Task helped us to present all the info we need in Nural app. Furthermore, we need to list all the information is required:

1. A single step or an action to take.

2. A clear start and end dates for completion.

3. Associate with a project or objective.

4. Subtasks to break down further more.

5. How important is it.

6. What is the current status.

At least five of them are required! You don’t want to waste your time wondering in which project this task is associated with or how many subtasks you have! Same thing for the priority and progress.

If you haven’t set a starting or ending dates, then showing the date is not applicable and there is no need to see when the task has been created or updated.

However, when your task have a clear start or end date then Nural app will automate your schedule and categorize them. As we mentioned above, You may wish to highlight the important deadlines, meetings, or appointments.

In Nural, we made it so powerful and fully automated to organize your schedule by time frame. Starting from showing what is happening today.

The Today section is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day. We wanted to make it very simple and just name it Today with light yellow color.

You have the ability to plan ahead when due is in the future. All upcoming dues will be grouped in Upcoming section. They also have light green color to give you a feeling of being safe and there’s nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind: if you create a reminder, you’ll see the reminder each day until you mark it as completed.

You may need to get a reminder to start before the due date. Nural will organize reminders with start date in sections similar to reminders with due date.

It happens to the best of us.

Have you ever accidentally missed a deadline, forgotten about an appointment, or stood someone up for a meeting whether in person or online?

Don’t stress yourself terribly! The important thing is that it never happens again.

“Deadlines get missed when they aren’t easily visible and properly nailed down.” — CoSchedule

We’d like to share with you exclusive tips for you about planning your day or planning ahead:

1. When the date is set, write it down before doing anything else.

2. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the next reminder. I personally prefer 45 minutes out.

3. We recommend you to set multiple checkin points when the deadline for the big project is variable.

4. Checking your schedule everyday is very helpful. Don’t let things surprise you! Know exactly what’s coming up and what you have to prepare for the week.

Scheduling meetings is a key driver of your overall productivity and efficiency.

Every meeting should have a purpose, perhaps you need to make a decision or you need to work together as a team.

Written by Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural

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