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How to prioritize your work and stay focused on 1 thing at a time? Let us share with you our secret!

There’re some people are relying on their heads to get work done… others use tools to automate their work using software and some people prefer to use paper and pen!

No surprise! All of them may have something in common. Distraction. Today, we need to talk about distraction and share my personal experience in productivity with you.


Let’s face it! The moment we need to do one thing! Magically, we stay busy on trillion things except that one thing… SHAME :(

Distraction could happen to everyone. There’re too many ways, tips, and strategies to avoid distractions but do we have to add more dirty work to ourselves to help us focus on our top priorities? No. Let me explain:

When you ask someone to grab a cup of water then make a coffee and put a piece of cake in a plate… He will do it without asking you a question!

Because you’re direct and simple

On the other hand, if you tell someone: I’m thirsty and hungry! He will ask you too many questions and give you options too.

You get the idea! 😄

I highly encourage you to start your day with a to do list but not similar to ordinary list you know! You need to learn how to write actionable tasks also make it look simple and short to help you working without thinking for a second.

In Nural, we do something similar but more advanced. Our app will help you in creating actionable tasks then prioritize them for you. In addition, how we present them is something we really proud of… have a look 😁

Human brain can’t focus on more than three tasks delegated to him — Scientifically Proven! We limit the number of tasks to only top three important tasks in order to narrow down your focus on what to do now.

Your priority might be different! We know… So whenever the priority changes, the order of the tasks will change on spot… keep in mind that our algorithm works on physical and thinking tasks to make sure that it is working in most cases. We do support customized prioritization query for enterprises.

Written by Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural

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