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Overwhelmed with too many things to do? Get things done with Nural ✅

Overwhelmed with too many things to do? Get them out of your head and onto a list.

Let’s see first what are we looking for to help us manage our work then get things done eventually. It’s easy for us to say: “We need to create a to-do list then visualize everything using white board, and use email to communicate.”.

We think all the tools are ready to use and hopefully it will help us get things done.

You can’t make more time. but you can make the most of your time.

Manage projects with one tool! You don’t have to shuffle between cards, spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your projects on course.

Nural consolidates big projects into tidy actionable tasks which you can then crush solo or invite others to collude on. Or unite your tribe with Nural Messages that involves more than messaging. Sort messages into sensible categories.

Do you know that writing actionable tasks is an essential skill to master if you want to gain control over your to-do list?

A well written task has a much higher chance of getting completed than a poorly written one.

There are many people who get a lot of things done each and every day. They’re always busy and they appear to be very productive. However, getting a lot of stuff done doesn’t mean we’re productive if the stuff we’re doing doesn’t matter.

Spending a couple focused hours each day working on the most important tasks we can identify results in significantly greater productivity than spending all day in “react mode.”

You don’t have to scramble at the last minute!

See the big picture. Nail your timing by viewing work for Today. Easily spot holes and overlaps in your schedule and quickly make adjustments.

Nural converts your chaotic work into minimalist manageable projects and let you view only the things you can or want to accomplish right now. — Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural Technologies

Written by Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural

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