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The power of check-lists 🔥

There’s a solution so simple to some of the world’s most complex problems that you probably won’t believe me when I tell you. It’s what engineers use to build skyscrapers… surgeons employ to save lives and it’s what allows pilots to safely fly an 80-ton piece of metal through the air. You might also be surprised to discover that same solution can be applied to improve your own productivity, creativity and efficiency.

It’s a check-list!

When you have a situation where you’re dealing with breathtaking and sometimes suffocating levels of complexity, you need a system to handle it and as it turns out check-list surprisingly simple it’s almost absurdly simple solution.

Checklists are so powerful! In fact that they’ve managed to solve seemingly impossible problems like: Putting a man on the moon!

Astronauts had a long list of checklist items because what they were doing is something that never been done before! It’s something that was more complex than anything that anyone had done before! They had so many variables and try to simplify the whole process to do the next item on the list.

By building that checklist so carefully and thoughtfully they made something to that point impossible… Possible.

Doctors use checklists too

You might have guessed a checklist was created to reduce deaths in surgery! They created a 19 items (2 minutes) checklist for surgical teams. 47% of death rates dropped significantly.

It makes sense for people to fly airplanes, perform open-heart surgery pr even land on the moon but could it actually apply to people like me or you?

The checklist relieves the mind of having to try to remember… the mind is good for so many things but it’s bad place to store things that you need to remember constantly.

Checklist removes that cognitive pressure and you also carefully select better over time those things that really matter most to you and start making small incremental progress on those items.

As it turns out, when it comes to creating a checklist:

- Observe your progress: Think of it like a time-lapse of the entire process. A two-hour process or one day process of the whole thing.

- Record your process: Write out everything as you remember it.

- Refine your process: Find where isn’t correct.. Refine the process until you finally say: “This is how I do it right now”

- Teach your process to other people.

You can create a checklist for almost anything. A checklist for How I pack for travel, My workout routine, etc…. A checklist for anything.

Remember, there’s so much going on but if you have a checklist, then every time you need to go through something; You’ll have a chance to reflect…

Please don’t get too excited and do experiments with all of this for a short period of time then expect to get amazing results in your life. As simple as it seems, it is all about the things that get forgotten overlooked or missed.

To create the most effective checklist I literally make every thing on the list regardless it might seem excessive, It’ll make the process just a little but less stressful and I won’t constantly be thinking about all the things that I probably forgot.

Without a checklist and even with all years of experience you have today, you’ll still make mistakes unintentionally. So a pre steps checklist could be it.

Double-check checklist!

This is my my favourite! Pilots do this procedure before taking off. They have a checklist with all things and buttons. For an instance, co-pilot say: Breaks… Pilot replies: Check!

We might think of it as Protocol. Let’s learn something today from pilots and observe what they do every time they take off. Double-check checklist technique is very critical to pilots but for us is very helpful because when we need to build something from scratch why don’t we apply double-check checklist to put it on the test? It could save us time and money in the future.

Double-check checklist is right before it’s too late. — Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural Technologies

A checklist is created to increase execution when mistakes are high you want to operate at a high performance level. You want to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible so you don’t make massive mistakes just because you were thinking of something else.

Written by Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural

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