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Things can be different. An intelligent message prioritization!

Things can be different. An intelligent message prioritization with no more distraction by junk (or spam) messages.

We all struggle with email whether we want to prioritize messages in our inbox or spend hours writing long email replies over and over again. Some of us go way too far to send an email at a perfect time. Sometimes it’s too much! Finding the write email can be tiring too…

Nural Messages offers a revolutionary asynchronous messaging experience for teams. In addition, the ability to find your message very quickly before your thoughts fade away. We want you to get everything you need and get things done with your team without tensions or misunderstandings.

Mastering communicating with your team using Nural Messages start with one step. Use Nural app and join many teams who already have messaging superpowers.

Automatic categorization feature

Nural Messages has automatic categorization feature. The inbox automatically sorts new messages into everyone, teams, personal and pins sections for easy processing. Nural prioritizes your messages intelligently to focus on important messages. It keeps the important messages from your team at the top. Any message you need to go back and forth, mark it as pinned to find the message more quickly.

Written by Hamad Fuad, CEO at Nural

It’d would be mean the world to us if you’d be up for trying our app Nural on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Take Nural wherever you go… It’s your personal assistant.

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