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Nural is helping inexperienced teams to achieve goals and complete projects by mastering team management

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What happens in TechCrunch end up Online.

Updated: May 13

Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location. — Reid Hoffman

Northern California’s Silicon Valley has become synonymous with technology, innovation, and startups. The dot-com boom in the late 1990s.

More founders, investors, and companies have been drawn to the area due to the proximity of resources and opportunities to tap into existing research and talent located there.

Today, I woud like to share my own version of Silicon Valley with you and talk about few things I learned from awesome speakers and founders.

Silicon Valley

The heart of unicorns… The home to big tech companies like Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. We all know that a great future lies there. Moving there as an entrepreneur is highly promising, a business-oriented habitat, where everything you need is just one talk away.

This is what I was told before I got my chance to go there!

There are some things that need clarification before you understand from my words that there are behind of the scenes in Silicon Valley.

Maybe, you’re U.S citizen! May be not. You need to know that it’s a privilege to come to U.S and specially Silicon Valley as known as Bay Area. As entrepreneur from Middle East, getting the opportunity to visit Bay Area and get soft introductions from awesome team from MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab is like a dream come true.

What is Silicon Valley Program?

The “Arab World Meets Silicon Valley” Program, serves as an eye-opener on Silicon Valley’s massive resources. MENA-based startups are hand picked to take part in a week-long induction into the valley tech ecosystem which involves participating in world-class conferences, tech-giant tours, workshops, networking and mentorship activities.

I missed my first day of the program due to renewal of my passport unfortunately. On Monday September 30, 2019, they started the program with a tour in Salesforce, Facebook and Google. However, I arrived on the same day afternoon.

The next day, we commute to BootUp Ventures. They conducted a series of sessions to align our mindset with Silicon Valley. Before I tell you more, I would like you to have a look at what they have on their wall. They have good stuff:

Steve Jobs has endless quantity of clothes! They told us that this shirt was worn when he announced the iPhone! Wow.

And this one for Mark Zuckerberg. The original hoodie from the photo. Again.. Cool.

Listening will help you to learn more

I decided to stay quiet and listen the whole time because “The single most important key to success is to be a good listener.” ― Kelly Wearstler

In the first session, I took some important notes, because I think it takes some time to think deeply before giving an answer. It might be simple for you in the first moment but believe me, many founders fail to answer.

How much time you are putting in your business?

I don’t take one day off in my entire life. In fact, I get bored easily when doing nothing. In average, I’m working between 14 to 18 hours a day. However, I try to delegate some of my tasks whenever is necessary.

What problem you're solving? Who has the problem? How important is it? Why hasn’t this problem been solved before?

At first glance, you will get excited and give answers but hold on your thoughts for a minute and let’s consider few things first.

Our journey in Nural is different! We launched Nural with a different Brand in the beginning. We called it Focus! We know back then, it’s generic name and it would be very hard to optimize search engines. Nevertheless, we focused on the problem! After 8 months of hard work and beta testing; We rebranded our app to Nural.

The problem we’re addressing is teams who lack skills in project management will be distracted, overwhelmed and tensioned when commuicating and collaborating with each other.

We identified the problem we are solving and who is suffering from it. Based on the feedbacks we received from thousands of people around the world and meeting with them face to face after we released the public beta we can say that there is high demand and everyone still looking for better solution. The current solutions are not making most of them satisfied with the results and it costs more than they asked for.

All of the above is what I came to realised after spending one night alone in my hotel room. If you’re interested to know what happened next, please comment down below and I’ll write a blog about the brand of Nural.

Let’s move to the next note:

How 30 seconds pitch to investors look like?

I’m Hamad! CEO of Nural Technologies. This is my third company. I’m on a mission to help teams